• What do I do?

    • Writing
    • Photography
    • Coding
    • Gaming
    • It so happens that sometimes life amazes me so much that I cannot prevent myself from writing a few lines or an entire poem or story. The language varies between English and Bengali.

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    • A picture is truly worth a thousand words, and photographers are basically authors playing with the lens.

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    • Computational thinking has always inspired me. Harnessing the immense power of microprocessors, computers, languages, libraries and such, making everyday daunting tasks a piece of cake is the main motive behind mastering them; be it for reducing the pressure of studies in University or browsing the web without even opening the browser, codeing got me covered everywhere.

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    • Favourite Pass-time! Who doesn't love having fun after a day full of tasks! Hop on and we may play something together one day!

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    sayan@fakeemail.fk@dont worry, I got you!sayankundu. definately not a domain imaginary@.in

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